Online Registration for Undergraduate Thesis (Literature Study) – Semester I 2017/2018

Students have to chose two fields of interest and for each field of interest, students should propose two supervisor candidates. The list of the lectures and their coresponding field are available at this site.

Students who are going to take undrergraduate thesis (literature study) of applied mathematics field, have to take at least one elective course among Introduction to Theory of System, Introduction to Theory of Optimization, Dynamical System) with grade at least C.

To extend the undergraduate thesis, students sufficiently re-register only by submitting a study plan card (KRS) of Semester I 2017/2018 assigned by academic supervisor.

Registration for new undergraduate thesis is done via 
online registration form by signing at UGM email account at prior.

Registration will be closed at Saturday, August 12, 2017.

Thank you.

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