Students of the Bc Math Study Program can access several libraries in the UGM environment, namely the University Library, the Faculty UGM Library, and the Mathematics Department Library. Facilities in the form of collections of books, journals, undergraduate thesis, and master’s thesis from previous years can be used by students to study and conduct literature studies. In addition, each of these libraries provides a space/place to study and carry out other academic activities.


The University Library ( is located in Bulaksumur 16 Yogyakarta.  The University Library subscribes to several online journals such as Science Direct, IEEEXplore, Springer, and so on.  The online journal can only be accessed by UGM Students and UGM Lecturers using their university email accounts. For more details about the journals provided through the University Library can be checked in the following link:


The faculty (FMNS) Library is located at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM and occupies the Bachelor Lecture Building, 1st Floor. This library provides a collection of books/literature from various fields, such as Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, and Chemistry. The FMNS Library also provides a collection of thesis of FMNS UGM students.

The Department of Mathematics Library is located in the 1st Floor of the Mathematics Department Building. This library provides a collection of books/journals/literature, especially in the field of Mathematics and Statistics, and other branches of science related to mathematics and statistics, such as computer science. The Mathematics Department Library also provides a collection of thesis for students taking Master Program in Mathematics. The collection of books / journals / theses can be accessed through the  following link:

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