The Design and Requirements to Do the Final Assignment

Based on the 2021 Curriculum of the Bc Math Study Program Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences UGM, the Final Assignment has a weight of 9 credits, which consists of Final Assignment I (FA I) with a weight of 3 credits and Final Assignment II (FA II) with a weight of 6 credits, and must be taken by every student of the Bc Math Study Program. The Final Assignment has the following objectives:

  1. Improve the ability to think critically, logically, and analytically.
  2. Train the ability to write scientific papers comprehensively.
  3. Train independence in developing a scientific career.
  4. Prepare students to continue their studies, become a part of society, or to work in the industry.
  5. Train the ability to argue scientifically.
  6. Train the ability to communicate and establish interpersonal relationships.

Final Assignment Supervisor

The maximum number of supervisors for the Final Assignment is 2 persons.

The requirements for students to take the final assignment course:

  1. The GPA of all courses that have been taken is greater than or equal to 2.00.
  2. Have taken a minimum of 120 credits, with a maximum 25% out of them D graded
  3. Have/are currently taking courses to support the topic of the Final Assignment.
  4. Include the Final Assignment course in the Study Plan Card (SPC) and submit it to the Secretariat of the Bc Math Study Program, Department of Mathematics, FMNS UGM, no later than a week after the submission of the SPC.

Implementation of the Final Assignment

In doing the final assignment, students are supervised by one or two lecturers. The Final Assignment (FA) consists of FA I (3 credits) and FA II (6 credits) with the following conditions:

  1. FA I can be done by students independently or in groups.
  2. When taking FA I, it is compulsory for students to take additional lectures (without credit weight) on the method of final assignment writing from the Bc Math Study Program.
  3. FA II is done by students independently.
  4. The topics of FA I and FA II should be the same. If the topic of FA II is changed, then students are required to retake FA I even though the student has been declared to have passed FA I with the previous topic.
  5. FA I Supervisor is also the FA II Supervisor. If necessary, FA I students/supervisors may propose additional supervisors for FA II.
  6. FA I and FA II can be taken in one semester. If FA I and FA II are taken in different semesters, they must be taken in 2 (two) consecutive semesters. If in 2 (two) semesters the results obtained have not been significant, the FA Supervisor can submit an objection to continue the mentoring process and vice versa, students can also apply to replace FA supervisor. If the supervisor is replaced, the FA topic is from the new supervisor, not the topic from the previous supervisor. Supervisor replacement can only be done a maximum of 1 time.
  7. Students must consult with the FA supervisor no later than a week after the announcement of the supervisor appointment. If the student does not consult with the supervisor more than one week upon the announcement, the supervisor may refuse to supervise the student concerned.
  8. If students are not actively guided when taking FA I, then at the end of the semester evaluation when filling out the assessment form, the supervisors can submit objections to continue the guidance process.

Final Assignment Outputs and Obligations

At the end of the semester where students take FA I course, students are required to write a report and submit it to the final assignment supervisor. FA I seminar in front of the FA supervisor and students.

The complete output and obligations related to the final assignment can be seen in the following table

Course Code

Course Name Credits Prerequisite Outputs and Obligations

Seminar/Exam Prerequisites

Assessor Description

Final Assignment I

3 Achieve 120 credits with a minimum GPA of 2.0; maximum 25% out of the credits taken are D graded Written Report of FA I Seminar in front of supervisor and students FA I’s written report Supervisor FA I Report and FA I Seminar: at the end of the FA I semester for those taking 3 credits and 6 credits in a different semester at least 2 weeks before the FA II exam for those taking 9 credits at once.
MMM-4902 Final Assignment II 6 FA I** Written report in Examination in front of the Examiners Team (Supervisor, 2 lecturers from the same laboratory, and 1 lecturer outside the laboratory related to the material) Written report of FA II; Participating in the Final Assignment Studium Generale organized by the Bc Math Study Program; Have attended at least 1 other students’ FA I seminar. Examiners

The contents of FA I report include: FA Title/Topic, Name and student’s ID, Supervisor, Literature Review, Temporary Theoretical Basis, Temporary Results, Bibliography. The FA I report template is available at this link.

Final Assignment Assessment

  1. Final Assignment I (FA I)
    1. The assessment is conducted by the supervisor after the student presents the FA I result in a seminar in presence of the supervisor and other students.
    2. The assessment is based on the mastery of the material and the supervision process (activeness, enthusiasm, seriousness, and fighting power)
  2. Final Assignment II (FA II)
    1. The FA II exam is conducted after FA I grades are issued.
    2. The FA II examiners are FA II supervisors plus 3 lectures (2 lectures from the Laboratory in-line with the FA topic, 1 lecturer from another field/Laboratory)
    3. The assessment is based on the script (material, methodology, writing system, and language) and presentation (mastery of the material and appearance).
    4. The FA II exam procedure is regulated in the FA Examination Procedure Manual of the Bc Math Study Program.
    5. The maximum revision deadline is 2 months after the FA II exam. If upon the deadline the revision has not been completed, then students are required to repeat the FA II exam.
    6. A minimum pass score is B- for FA I and FA II.

The list of final assignment titles can be seen at this link

The Final Assignment Procedure Manual can be downloaded via the link below. 

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