Student Activity

Students of the Bachelor in Mathematics Study Program are not only academically focused but also active in various positive activities. Some of them participated in many competitions such as National Competition of Mathematics and Natural Sciences (KNMIPA), International Mathematics Competition (IMC), and other competitions both academic and non-academic. In addition, students are also active in mathematics student organization, namely Mathematics Student Association (Himatika). One of the activities is organizing major events, such as the National Mathematics Competition (LMNas) and the National Seminar on Mathematics (Semnastika).

Student Achievements The list of recent student achievements can be accessed in the following LINK. For achievements related to competitions, please click HERE.


Mathematics Student Association UGM Mathematics Student Association, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Universitas Gadjah Mada or abbreviated as HIMATIKA FMIPA UGM, is a study program based organization. HIMATIKA was established on October 3, 2000, after officially separating from KMM (Mathematics Student Family) and forming its own independent organization consisting of all active students of the Bachelor in Mathematics Study Program UGM. Some of their activities can be found HERE. For more information related to Himatika, please visit the following website

The National Mathematics Competition (LMNas) was initiated in 1987 by (Alm) Prof. Dr.rer.nat. Widodo M.S. The National Mathematics Competition of Gadjah Mada University (LMNas UGM) has become one of the most prestigious mathematics competitions in Indonesia. Every year, around 1500 students from all over Indonesia participate in LMNas. LMNas is organized by the Mathematics Student Association (Himatika) UGM and is a form of dedication to provide opportunities for high school students to compete in high quality competition. For more information related to LMNas, please visit the following website


The National Seminar on Mathematics (Semnastika) initially began with the national seminar on mathematics (Semnastika) which is a talk show organized as a companion to the national mathematics competition. Seeing the increasing interests in mathematics, Semnastika is then held regularly together with the LMNas. For more information related to Semnastika, please visit the following website

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