Defense, Annisa Muchlisin, Monday, January 13th, 2020, 09.00 AM

Undergraduate Thesis

Undergraduate Programme of Mathematics

 Name          : Annisa Muchlisin

Number      : 15/379647/PA/16705

Day/Date    : Monday, January 13th, 2020

Time           : 09.00 AM

Room          : Seminar Room Dept.of Math. 1st Floor

Examiner    :

  1. Solikhatun, M. Si., Dr. (First Supervisor)
  2. Nanang Susyanto, M. Si., Dr. ( Second Supervisor)
  3. Salmah, M. Si., Dr., Prof. ( First examiner )
  4. Irwan Endrayanto, M. Sc., Dr.
  5. Hadrian Andradi,  M. Sc., Dr.

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Seminar and Undergraduate Thesis Defense



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