Undergraduate Thesis Studium Generale for Taking as of Semester I 2018/2019

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, the UP-Math UGM held Undergraduate Thesis Studium Generale for UP-Math students who will take Undergraduate Thesis as of Semester I 2018/2019.

In this event, the UP-Math gave an explanation of the Undergraduate Thesis in a new format, i.e. 9 credits (See: https://s1math.fmipa.ugm.ac.id/en/new-credit-of-undergraduate-thesis/), and three students of the UP-Math presented their undergraduate thesis, to initiate the implementation of Undergraduate Thesis in the new format.


To Graders of Introduction to Partial Differential Equation and Calculus II – Sem. II 2017/2018, please kindly see Dr. Lina Aryati, MS. at her room soon. Thank you.

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Seminar and Undergraduate Thesis Defense